Period 7.1 (1890-1920)

January 20/23

  2. Passed out Unit 6 Materials:
    1. Unit 6 Calendar
    2. Unit 6 ID Terms
    3. Presidents List # 1-30
    4. Unit 6 Reading Guide

January 24/25

  1. No reading quiz 🙂
  2. Went over the following power point:
    1. Intro to Chapter 27 Power Point
  3. Had a class discussion on the following:
    1. Before the Civil War, the United State’s foreign policy was “Isolationism.” Why? And what examples do we see the prove this?
    2. After the Civil War and post Reconstruction, the United States began to shift from isolationism to a foreign policy of “Imperialism.”
      1. What is imperialism? How is it different than colonization?
      2. What reasons did the United States shift to this foreign policy? What was going on during that time outside and inside America?
    3. Two groups start to emerge during this age: The Imperialists and the Anti-Imperialists
      1. What were each of these group’s beliefs and what reasons would they give to justify either supporting or not supporting Imperialism?
  4. Handed out the following articles to additional knowledge as to why the Spanish American was was and, still is, so significant to the development of United State’s relations with country of Cuba
    1. Articles about Guantanamo Bay in Cuba
      1. **This is not homework, just additional information for learning 🙂

January 26/27

  1. Chapter 27 Reading Quiz
  2. Students split into groups and analyzed the following documents in order to practice PHIA and note their beliefs of Imperialism and how they promote those beliefs
    1. Rudyard Kipling vs. H.T. Johnson PHIA Comparison
  3. Watched part of the following video to review and gain background knowledge on the ideas and concepts discussed in Chapter 27:
    1. American Pageant Chapter 27 APUSH Review by JoczProductions
  4. Participated in a “Document Sweep” game where students were split into groups after being given a DBQ prompt.
    1. Given a set of documents, the students were to read the documents as quickly as possible to organize them in order to ascertain which documents would actually be used to answer the DBQ prompt or not. Some of the documents are the wrong topic or are from outside the time period given in the prompt.
    2. Those who organized the documents first and in the correct order win!

January 30/31

  2. No reading quiz 🙂
  3. Layton High Counselors come for a visit!
  4. Went over the following material in class:
    1. Progressive Era Power Point: Part 1
  5. Was given the following worksheet in order to match the different Progressive Legislation during this era to it’s corresponding level of government
    1. *Students were to not just match them in the correct spot but also look up any terms they are not familiar with or do not remember from their reading
    2. This is NOT homework but was done in class and is a good study reference for major legislation happening during the Progressive Era
    3. Download (PDF, 129KB)

    4. Here are the answers for the chart to check how you did
      1. Progressive Legislation Chart Answers
  6. Chapter 28 Reading Quiz Next Time

Wednesday, Feb. 1 (A-Day)  +  Thursday, Feb. 2 (B-Day)

  1. Chapter 28 Reading Quiz
  2. Went over the following materials in class:
    1. Progressive Era Power Point: Part 2
  3. Class were given different claims about the Progressive Era and they were to PHIA several documents and practice analyzing them to connect them to the given claim. This was one of the major things missing from DBQs so it contributed to both content and skill knowledge of the Progressive Era
    1. **Materials for this assignment are not available electronically** –> Need to see Ms. Whiting or APUSH filing cabinet
  4. No Reading Quiz Next Time 🙂

Friday, Feb. 3 (A-Day)  +  Monday, Feb. 6 (B-Day)

  1. No Reading Quiz Today 🙂
  2. Handed out the following papers:
    1. ASSIGNMENT DUE NEXT TIME: A-Day (Tues. 2/4), B-Day (Wed. 2/5)
    2. Download (PDF, 199KB)

      1. Early and Modern Conservation Movement Extra Credit:
        1. Due day of the Unit 6 Exam: A-Day (Wed. 2/15), B-Day (Thur. 2/16)
      2. Visit the “How We Work” Exhibit at the Union Square Exhibit in Ogden
        1. Due: March 21st, 2017
  3. Went over the following Power Point as a class:
    1. Causes of World War I Power Point
  4. Did a WWI simulation activity in class.
    1. **Materials for this assignment are not available electronically** –> Need to see Ms. Whiting or APUSH filing cabinet


  • Chapter 29 Reading Quiz
  • Harlem Hellfighters Podcast Assignment Due

Tuesday, Feb. 6 (A-Day) + Wednesday, Feb. 8 (B-Day)

  1. Chapter 29 Reading Quiz
  2. Harlem Hellfighters Podcast Assignment Due
  3. Finished WWI Simulation Activity
    1. **Materials for this assignment are not available electronically** –> Need to see Ms. Whiting or APUSH filing cabinet
  4. Went over the following two Power Points in class:
    1. World War I: Technologies/Military
    2. World War I: Homefront Part 1 (finished before hitting effects on society)

Thursday, Feb. 9 (A-Day)  +  Friday, Feb. 10 (B-Day)

  1. **PRESIDENTS QUIZ # 11 – 30**
    1. The presidents quiz was taken and corrected in class. This took up the entire class period and we will resume content and skill learning next class period.
  2. Handed out the Unit 6 Study Guide to help with preparing for the Unit 6 Exam
    1. Download (PDF, 404KB)

  3. Chapter 30 Reading Quiz AND Unit 6 ID Quiz Next Time!


Monday, Feb. 13 (A-Day)  +  Tuesday, Feb. 14 (B-Day)

  1. **Unit 6 ID Quiz**
  2. Chapter 30 Reading Quiz CANCELED
  3. READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS TO SEE TODAY’S OUTLINE (all materials are located in blue blow)
    1. Download (PDF, 95KB)

  4. Materials needed for today:
    1. End of WWI and Temporary Peace Worksheet
    2. End of WWI and Temporary Peace Documents
  5. As promised, below is the link to the Power Point about the Homefront during WWI in the United States. I STRONGLY recommend looking over this power point to help fill out the study guide. –> Also take a look at the notes under the slides. Those might be helpful!
    1. World War I: United States Homefront
    2. Download (PPTX, 21.66MB)

Wednesday, Feb. 15 (A-Day) + Thursday, Feb. 16 (B-Day)


  1. Due Today:
    1. Unit 6 Reading Guide
    2. End of WWI and Temporary Peace Assignment
    3. Early Conservation Movement Extra Credit
  2. Passed out Unit 7 Materials

**FOR UPCOMING UNIT 7 MATERIALS: Click the following link OR go back to the APUSH menu and click “UNIT 7: Period 7.2”

Unit 7: Period 7.2 (1920-1945) Daily Outlines and Materials