Period 6 (1865-1898)

December 13/14

*Unit 4 Exam completed. Huzzah!

Information & Assignment Materials for Unit 5:

December 15/16

  1. Chapter 23 Reading Quiz
  2. Watched the following Review Video of Chapter 23 while taking notes and reviewing key ideas:

B-DAY: Discussed Boss Tweed and Thomas Nast Cartoons


December 19/20:

  1. Chapter 24 Reading Quiz
  2. Vocabulary Review Activity for Chapter 23 and 24
  3. Went over the following:
    1. Causes of the Industrial Revolution
    2. Impacts of the Railroads
    3. Haymarket Square Incident

NO READING QUIZ NEXT TIME! Just come to learn ūüôā

December 21/January 3:

No Reading Quiz! Just come to learn ūüôā

  1. Learned about the major industrialists of the Industrial Revolution
  2. Were they “Captains of Industry?” OR “Robber Barons?”
  3. Filled out the following chart in class (keep for next time to work on in class / not homework!): Industrialists for Chapter 24
  4. In order to fill out the chart we watched clips from History Channel’s Documentary,¬†The Men Who Built America.
    1. Go to the following link to watch the clips: http://www.history.com/shows/men-who-built-america/playlist/men-who-built-america-season-1-curated-list
    2. On the right side is a menu of the videos. These are the videos we watched in order that we watched them:
      1. The Rise of Cornelius Vanderbilt
      2. The Men Who Built America: Competitive Nature
      3. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil
      4. The Men Who Built America: Andrew Carnegie
      5. Homestead Strike
      6. The Rise of J.P. Morgan

December 22 — January 2: NO SCHOOL!

Happy Holidays!

Winter Break

December 4/5

  1. No Reading Quiz!
  2. Document Based Question (Essay Explanation Page)
    1. Though I have already passed out a rubric for the DBQ, I have created a new one that I think explains the requirements for a DBQ a little more clearly:
    2. I also passed out a DBQ Help Tips page of common things that I saw among many of the DBQs
      1. DBQ Help Tips Handout
    3. As a class, we went over the rubric for review and then looked at a student sample paper to our DBQ we wrote to back in Unit 4 on November 28/29 (http://nawhiting.com/unit-4-period-5-1844-1877/)
      1. While looking at the sample paper, I went over how I would have graded it in order for students to understand how a DBQ is graded, things to be done well, and things to be improved.
    4. Now after looking at a sample paper, I handed back students’ DBQs that I graded and using the knowledge they gained today, they are to revise and improve their essay
      1. I have also created a sign up sheet (posted on my cabinet door) for students to sign up for a time to meet with me if they would like for feedback on how to improve their paper.
    5. **HOMEWORK: Students are now to revise and improve their DBQ!
      • It must be TYPED and printed or¬†e-mailed to Ms. Whiting on the following Due Date:
        • A-Day:¬†Monday, January 30th
        • B-Day: Tuesday, January 31st

January 6/9

  1. Chapter 25 Reading Quiz
  2. Went over the following Power Point
    1. The Gilded Age: Chapter 24 & Chapter 25
    2. If absent, will want to get notes from someone about these topics

January 10/11

  1. **PRESIDENTS QUIZ: # 6 – 24**
  2. Finished The Gilded Age: Chapter 24 & Chapter 25 Power Point (See January 6/9 for power point link)

January 12/13

  1. **UNIT 5 ID QUIZ**
  2. Chapter 26 Reading Quiz
  3. Watched clips from various Western film to analyze how they portray the old west, how they exemplify historical ideas and if it is done well or not, what could be improved, etc.
  4. Was unable to get to this in class but below is the link to the Populism Power Point we would have covered in class which might be helpful for studying purposes:
    1. Populism Power Point
  • **UNIT 5 STUDY GUIDE**¬†— a more updated version is not available electronically¬†but this is somewhat close to what what passed out in class
    • Remove from the study guide (things don’t need to know):
      • Section 2: Conspicuous Consumption
      • Section 3: Mother Jones
      • Section 6: Las Gorras Blancas (The “White Caps”), 1889
    • ADD to the study guide:
      • Section 1: The Industrial Revolution
        • Impacts of the industrial revolution
        • Assembly Line/Interchangeable¬†Parts
      • Section 2: Formation of Trusts and Monopolies
        • Wabash Case
        • interlocking directorates
      • Section 7: The Populist Movement
        • Gold Standard Act
      • Section 8: Immigration and Domestic Migration during the Late 1800s
        • Immigration & Housing Reforms: pgs. 547-552
      • Section 9: The Effect of Urbanization on Politics, Society, and Culture
        • Slums
      • Section 10: Migration to the American West
        • Chapter 26 in general
        • “long Drive”
        • Homestead Act, 1862
        • “Fifty-niners”
      • Section 11: The Conquest of the West
        • Carlisle Indian School
        • Reservation System
      • Section 14: Women’s Activism
        • Look at pages 559-564 in book
      • Add a “Section 15” for Society Changes
        • Education Reforms: 554-557
        • Press/Journalism and Media Reforms: 557-559
        • Literary Reforms: 565-568
        • Artistic Reforms/Recreational Activities: 568-571

January 18/19

**UNIT 5 EXAM!**

Due Today:

  • Unit 5 Reading Guide
  • Chapter 24 Captains of Industry Chart

January 20/23


**FOR UPCOMING UNIT 5 MATERIALS: Click the following link OR go back to the APUSH menu and click ‚ÄúUNIT 5: Period 6‚ÄĚ

Unit 6: Period 7.1 (1890-1920) Daily Outlines and Materials