About Me

I am Ms. Whiting and I recently graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Social Science Teaching and English Teaching and will be teaching sophomore English and AP United States History. I am extremely excited to begin this year of teaching!

I am a firm believer in teaching students, not just teaching content. I desire students to become discerning consumers and skilled communicators of texts and information. It is up to me as the teacher to be able to facilitate such skills through guided practice. I am still learning myself and know that there is always room for improving my teaching skills and practices. I not only want to better my teaching by listening to students’ thoughts and ideas, but I also want them to learn the skills that may help them in their future educational and occupational pursuits. I believe this can be done in both History and English classes.

I look forward to working with my future students and many students to come. Learning can be a community and I am excited to create such an environment in my classroom.

N Whiting STAFF PHOTO 2016-2017